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The Synergy Story…

Hello! Thank you for your interest in massage and wellness at Synergy!

I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years, succeeding a decade-long career in corporate marketing. About 15 years ago, I decided that the draw I felt toward my part time hobby of health and fitness, needed to become my full-time career. I began as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, and through the years I was able to earn management positions within some of the largest gyms in the state of Maine. I had never felt more rewarded from the work I did every day!

A few years ago, I became interested in massage therapy because of a strong desire to see my fitness clients move and feel better in their active lives. I could see dysfunctional movement patterns and old injuries presenting challenges for my clients as they tried to advance their activity level. Intuitively, I knew the work that needed to be done in order for them to see improvements, but it wasn’t my area of expertise to apply it.

Covid presented me with the rare opportunity to formally hone my bodywork skills, and I completed a full-time program in therapeutic massage. While studying massage therapy at Spa Tech Institute, I discovered how intertwined posture, fascial restrictions, skeletal muscle imbalance and compensatory movement are, and how they can ultimately present as every-day aches and pains. Massage therapy became a new passion to add to my repertoire!

Upon completion of the full-time licensure program, I knew that it was time to create a unique approach to massage, which would draw upon all of the varied experience that I have accumulated in my life.

Combining gait, posture, and movement assessments, and then applying relevant techniques of massage therapy, I am now able to help people find relief from chronic muscle tension and joint discomfort, thus allowing them to perform at a higher physical level. As an added benefit, I coach exercises and stretching which further the long-term benefits of massage and it’s intended effect.

I believe that achieving a state of whole-body wellness is multi-faceted, and that each component is as important as the next.

My approach at Synergy allows each client to choose the level of service he/she desires. A la carte style, I currently offer movement assessments, massage therapy, and exercise coaching. The “synergy package” is the gold standard for integrating all three of these options. As Synergy Bodyworks and Wellness evolves, I am open to growth and change within my business philosophy, as it best serves the needs of my clients.

All of my services are offered within a private studio setting overlooking the beautiful Saccarappa waterfalls in Westbrook.

Thank you for visiting Synergy Bodyworks and Wellness!
Lisa Clifford, LMT, CPT

Highlights of My Professional History


  • Licensed Massage Therapist/Certified Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor, Synergy Bodyworks and Wellness
  • Massage Instructor, Spa Tech Institute


  • Fitness Director/Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor, NXGen Fitness Center
  • Training Director/Fitness Instructor/Marketing Manager, Fitness Factory
  • Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor, World Gym
  • Private Doula/Marketing Consultant, Self
  • Marketing Director, Pharmacy
  • Marketing Manager, First National Bank of Damariscotta
  • Real Estate Sales Associate, Liberty Group

Formal Education

  • LMT, Spa Tech Institute
  • Masters of Business Administration, USM
  • BS Computer Science, USM
  • AS Computer Information Systems, Dean College

Jennifer Hannett, LMT, joins Synergy Bodyworks with over 10 years of experience as a licensed massage therapist, having practiced mainly within Physical Therapy and Chiropractic settings in New York.

Jenn attended the Swedish Institute in New York where she obtained her license in Massage Therapy. Most recently, she graduated from the New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with a Masters Degree in Science of Acupuncture and BS in Health Sciences. She enjoys helping people feel healthy, and hopes to someday combine massage and acupuncture for a unique experience in pain and muscle tension relief.

Jenn and her husband recently moved to Maine from Long Island, NY and have been enjoying Maine hiking, the many different cultural dining options around Portland, and exploring trails with their dog. Jenn hopes to begin pottery classes soon!

Jenn looks forward to combining her years of experience with her passion for healing, in order to help each client feel relaxed, and relief from muscle tension and pain!

She can be reached at 475-273-2636 or

*Lisa’s photo by: Thibeault Photography Solutions