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Comprehensive Assessment

This 120-minute session is the ultimate and ideal structure for a better performing body – whether your sport is carrying grocery bags or competing in triathlons – and it’s why massage can benefit almost everyone.

I will provide an initial, active-movement, flexibility and posture analysis. Based on our consultation and these results, I will provide a full 75-minute hands-on, focused massage, to address the areas of concern identified during our assessment and intake. Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitated Stretching may be indicated and done following the massage.

Following the massage, I will provide feedback on the massage work and coach you, one-on-one, through exercises and/or stretches that will address weakness and imbalances discovered during the assessment and massage. This is the final component to the Synergy package, and is offered in an effort to achieve long-lasting results from the therapeutic work performed.

The Synergy package is highly recommended for those who want to see changes in the way they feel and move, and perform activities related to their lifestyle without discomfort.

(Note: in most cases, this comprehensive session is done initially, and follow up Synergy assessments may be recommended in 12-16 weeks, to evaluate progress and adjust programming as needed.)