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By Appointment

A 60-Minute Swedish, Deep Swedish, or Special Focus session – $100

Short on time, or have something nagging? You may choose to use this one-hour massage purely for relaxation, or you may wish to address specific areas of discomfort.

A brief consultation will assist me in directing therapeutic techniques that will specifically target your present discomfort. With a focused massage work session, most of the session time will be used to get you feeling and moving better. If you are looking for pure relaxation and enjoyment, close your eyes and breathe deeply to experience a Swedish, or deep Swedish, massage that will help you disconnect from the daily hustle and life stressors!

A full 75-minute, hands-on, comprehensive massage. – $120

This visit will include an intake discussion, and if necessary, a brief standing or walking evaluation. Your massage work will draw upon various therapeutic modalities which are relevant to your session’s goals.

Appropriate modalities may include cupping therapy, graston, and PNF stretching. For adding these services (no extra charge) a minimum of a 75 minute session is required.

After your massage, you can expect to receive detailed feedback on the session’s findings. Recommendations for post massage self-care will also be given. The 75-minute massage is an experience that will leave you feeling calmly energized.

A full 90-minute, hands-on, comprehensive massage. – $140

The 90-minute massage is all encompassing, allowing time to address the entire body with added focus on areas that need attention, while also allowing you to disconnect from daily stress and achieve the therapeutic benefits of relaxation and serotonin release.

A brief standing or walking evaluation may be requested based on your goals for the session.

Modalities may include deep tissue, static pressure, trigger point, positional release, graston, and/or cupping. PNF stretching may be added if discussed during your intake. After your massage, you can expect to receive feedback on your session’s findings, and suggestions for appropriate stretches, and/or functional exercises, customized to your body’s needs, along with suggestions as to how to achieve maximum results, post-massage.

A full 120-minute, hands-on, comprehensive massage. – $185

If it’s been a while since you’ve had professional bodywork, or your life is physically demanding on a regular basis (or maybe it’s just a nice treat for yourself!), a 120-minute massage will get you centered and back to healthy moving. As a professional bodywork therapist, this session is one that I personally love to give. It allows me the ability to give focused attention where I find the body needs it. I’m an intuitive bodyworker, and therefore often discover areas that need more attention than “normal” as I progress through the massage. This massage can include all of the modalities listed below, should they be appropriate for your desired treatment.

Modalities that are available as part of your 75, 90 or 120 minute massage:

  • Myofasical Therapy
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Positional Release
  • Active Release
  • Graston
  • Cupping
  • PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitated) Stretching

Custom Massage – Longer massage times, and added availability

If you have an urgent/last minute need for massage, or you simply desire a massage length of service outside of what I advertise, please reach out to me for custom pricing and emergency availability. I would be happy to quote a package tailored to exactly what you request, and do my best to accommodate appointment times outside of my normal hours.

Free Consultation With Lisa

This is a free service that I am happy to provide by phone, or if warranted, via Zoom/Skype, to answer any questions you might have about my work, or concerns you may have relative to your massage/fitness goals, health, or an injury.

Topics that may warrant a consultation prior to booking:

  • A physician or other practitioner’s referral for massage or exercise
  • Chronic or acute pain, post-injury healing discomfort, and how therapeutic massage services might benefit you
  • Discussion of modified and progressed exercises, or specific exercise techniques, that may be warranted for you (particularly if you have been injured or feel de-conditioned)

NOTE: Some circumstances may require your Doctor’s written clearance before you can engage in massage and/or exercise programs. A consultation prior to booking is the best way to determine that.

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Helpful for anybody who deals with chronic pain, tension, headaches, migraines or long term illness. 

These sessions create spaciousness through your skull, vertebrae and sacrum to aid in the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid, the fluid within your spinal cord. As space is created within the sutures of the skull & sacrum, calm and clarity can flood the mind, tension patterns can be released emotionally and physically, and stronger neuron connections for major systems of the body can be made to encourage overall alignment and stability. 

These sessions can be included with massage or done independently fully clothed. 

What is Polarity Therapy?

Helpful for anybody who enjoys guided meditation with gentle touch. 

To put simply, it is an energetic tuneup working with the elements of the physical world within your body to facilitate alignment of mind, body and spirit. Includes foot massage and back massage. Can be combined with a full body massage or done independently fully clothed. 

What is Astrology Affirmation?

For anybody who would like more clarity and vision for their purpose in this lifetime. 

This is a 30 minute session with Courtney done in person or online. She spends time before your session to find wisdom from your chart to curate reflection prompts which can lead you to manifesting more clearly what you want to experience in this life. 

What is Chakra Alignment?

For anybody who would like to develop more of a relationship to their energetic centers. 

This session is helpful for bringing a vision or dream into reality. Courtney guides you in meditation using gentle touch starting from the realm of all possibilities, through 7 large chakras of the body, into the realm of probability. This allows for energetic and emotional restrictions to be released so your vision can be felt more clearly and expressed through the body. 

Sessions can be in person or online and can be included with massage.