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“Lisa gives hands-down the best massage I’ve ever gotten. I have had a lot of body work done and she by far leaves me feeling the best. Such a difference from when I walk through that door to see her! Her experience in the fitness industry combined with her massage skills gives her a huge advantage. Five stars across the board!”

– Brent

“I can’t thank you enough for the amazing work on my shoulder/neck-pain issue that I’ve been dealing with for weeks. I haven’t felt this loose in a long time. Your mannerisms and technique are top notch, and I am pain free for the first time in almost a month! I have already recommended you to several friends, and look forward to our next session.”

– Jim M.

“After being worked on by Lisa, I felt amazing. Her technique and understanding of the human body is flawless, and you can tell she really loves her work. I highly recommend Lisa for a massage. She will make you feel like a new person!”

– Terry

“I believe in the therapeutic benefits of massage and have had hundreds of them. I have had several massages by Lisa and I am impressed by how her knowledge from personal training enhances her massage technique. She knows how every muscle in my body should feel in terms of tightness and position in my body. She quickly noticed that one of my shoulder muscles did not feel right. I have experienced pain and discomfort in that shoulder for a while when lifting moderate weight. She spent extra time on the shoulder during my massage, and I felt immediate relief that has lasted. Lisa is truly a professional and takes her work very seriously. I’m really looking forward to my next session! ”

– Catherine

“I am a freshman in high school, and I ride horses and compete nationally. I have pain in my hips when I ride lately and I have to stop riding and take a break when it comes on. I also have scoliosis that isn’t treatable. Lisa worked on me for an hour and a half, and the things she did to my hips and back made me feel so much looser! I can honestly say I haven’t ridden pain free in over a year, but I am now. I can sit in the saddle without tensing up in pain. She also gave me stretches to do at home which will help until the next time I see her.”

– Scott

“Lisa’s empathic and intuitive nature combined with her vast knowledge of physiology enabled her to tailor a personalized approach to training that has helped me reach my fitness goals. She motivates and challenges me, which has not only resulted in better fitness, but also an overall sense of well-being. That’s why she has been my trainer for over 11 years now!”